Year 24
Month 06
Day 07
Water Crisis in Israel

The lack of water has been and remains a cause for Israel violence against neighboring countries, and one of the most important and difficult economic  problem . A quick look to the events that led up to six day war , shows that the main cause behind six day war comes out to be diverting water to Israel lands. Also, Israel occupation of Golan Heights was a way to control water sources there. Another important fact to consider is that Israel’s military attacks toward Lebanon amid to access Latin liver water as a way to outcome drought. So available statistics pointed the lack of sufficient water storage in Israel with the increasing in its needs in additional to governmental effort to support and improve agriculture as a pretext to ensure its eligibility in this land.



Water crisis in Jordon, Palestine, and Israel is an old crucial problem taking in to consideration increasing in population during incoming 30 year. To add, doubling in population during incoming 30 year without any increase in existing water sources will make water exist quantity less than its half.
By 2025 average quantity of water in Jordon and Palestine will be 125 meter squared, and this number unable to meet industrial, civilization, and commercial needs. However, predications say that by 2025 Syria and Lebanon will have good quantities of water which can serve its needs. According to above predications and estimations one can see clearly that Israel will be forced to consume lower level of water sources as a direct result of decline in the number of water sources in the incoming years. Also, the average annual ground water will reduce annually by 2 percent.


Israel ensures nearly 600 to 700 million meters squared of its water forcibly from neighboring countries that is equivalent to 40 percent of its annual needs. For that Israel government threatened to launch a military campaign on Syria in case Syrian government take a decision to build a bridge obscures water from access to Sea of Galilee.
As explained above Israel cannot serve its water demands only by illegal way, where it cannot relies on external water sources even if Israel got comprehensive peace since it still consider as a strange body in region.


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