Year 24
Month 06
Day 07
Security & Weapon



Labelled by a UN report as a “disreputable company” “known for its violence against detainees”

G4S manages security at Ofer Prison in the Occupied Palestine Territories, provides services and equipment to run checkpoints and helps the Israeli prison imprison Palestinian political prisoners transfered to Israeli prisons in violation of the Geneva convention.

Under pressure G4S has accepted that it is unethical to support the occupation and that it has been behaving unethically:

“to ensure that G4S Israel business practices remain in line with our own business ethics policy, we would aim to exit the contracts which involve the servicing of security equipment at a small number of barrier checkpoints, a prison and a police station in the West Bank area,”
However, no contracts have yet been stopped and G4S has not indicated it will stop servicing prisons in Israel which illegally hold transferred Palestinian prisoners and are notroious for the systematic torture and ill treatment of Palestinian prisoners, including child prisoners.

Ayed Abu Eqtaish, Accountability Programme director with Defence for Children International Palestine Section, added “Israel uses solitary confinement against Palestinian children solely for interrogation purposes despite clear prohibitions under international law. Israeli military courts then use confessions obtained by interrogators through such coercive means to convict children. Justice, accountability and respect for human dignity don’t factor in. G4S and any other party that colludes with such a system is complicit in acts of injustice.”
(East London Teachers Association condemns G4S contract with Israel’s Prison System: War on Want)

The OECD is expected to question G4S on how it can justify, as a company from an OECD-member country, supplying or servicing kit that aids the occupation. (G4S contracts in Israeli occupied territories face major investigation: The Independent)



Beni Tal Security



Beni Tal security company has collaborated with the Israeli military in the suppression of Palestinian people.


United Technologies



United Technologies has sold Black Hawk military helicopters to the Israeli regime which have been used to bomb occupied territories and Palestinian refugee camps.





Raytheon has supplied Israel with technologically advanced military weapons that have been used against Palestinian people during the Gaza war.



ITT Corporation



ITT Corporation has provided the Israeli military with equipment it has used to stage nightly raids in Palestinian villages and refugee camps.



Oshkosh Corporation



Oshkosh Corporation has been supplying the Israeli military with parts for armored vehicles used to restrain the Palestinian population.



Magnum Research Inc.



Magnum Research Inc. has collaborated with Israeli military industries in the manufacturing of firearms and military equipment.



Kahr Arms



Kahr Arms has provided spare parts and developed light weapons used by the Israeli army in cooperation with the regime’s military industry.



M7 Aerospace LP



M7 Aerospace LP, purchased by US subsidiary of the Israeli military contractor Elbit Systems, has been active in the production and development of Israeli radar and missile systems.



Military Armament Corporation



Military Armament Corporation has provided services and equipment linked to the weapons used by Israeli police.



Lewis Machine and Tool Company



Lewis Machine and Tool Company has provided weapons spare parts and services to the Israeli military’s arms industry.



Daniel Defense



Daniel Defense has provided the Israeli military’s arms industry with spare parts and services for weapons manufacturing.



Bushmaster Firearms International



Bushmaster Firearms International has provided the Israeli military’s arms industry with spare parts and services for weapons manufacturing.



O.F. Mossberg & Sons



O.F. Mossberg & Sons has supplied Israel with weapons, which are used by the regime’s military and police forces in the crackdown on Palestinian civilians.



H-S Precision, Inc.



H-S Precision, Inc. has provided the Israeli regime with weapons manufacturing technology.

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