Year 24
Month 06
Day 07
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The regime occupying Palestine, Israel, was established in 1948 with the support of superpowers based militarism and attracting immigrants. This regime waged bloody wars and established its reign over the corpses of Palestinian people and the ruins of their cities and villages. Then, it tried to bring Jews to Israel from all over the world. 

For nearly 70 years, Israel has taken up the path of ever-increasing cruelty by occupying Palestine, destroying the homes and gardens of Palestinians on a daily basis, silently occupying even further areas and lands, and expanding the Israeli settlements.

The Zionist regime is facing innumerable difficulties: on the one hand reactions to the acts of cruelty and saber-rattling which have become characteristic of this regime, and on the other hand, the corruption which has infected all its corners. All these have led to whispers about the end of this regime by intellectuals. These whispers consider the demise of this regime to come before 2040.

We, as students active within the field of media, want to let the world know about the whispers regarding the end of the Zionist regime’s life at Countdown2040.

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