Year 24
Month 06
Day 07

The relationship between Haredim (ultra-orthodox) and Zionism has always been a contentious relationship; prior to the formation of Zionist Regime, most of the Jews involved in the Haredim flow opposed Zionism. This traditionalist group of Jews who were against Zionism, stated their opposition’s reasons as follows:
1. The Zionist movement has depleted the concept of “Jewish Nation” from its religious content that is adherence tothe teachings of religion (Halacha) in all the fields of life and have turned the Jewish Nation just like other nations that does not believe in thesanctity of the Torahand does not observe its rituals.

God, according to their beliefs, has chosen the Jews to serve all human races, while Zionism is a secular and ethnic movement that exploits the religious concepts of Torah for advancing its own purposes and intentions;
2. Zionism has abandoned the idea of divine salvation and has tuned the salvation of Jewish people to a terrestrial action. It also invites the Jews to return to Palestine in contrary to the will of God and the teachings of Torah and without waiting for the promised Messiah. The fate of the chosen people is only marked by God and the God’s grace is bestowed upon the Jews only according to their adherence to religious teachings. The Jews diaspora is the God's punishment and justice for their faults, and true salvation is fulfilled only with the advent of Messiah;


3. The religious Orthodox Jews believe that the joining of Jews to the Promised Land is an emotional and spiritual belonging, and the deportation of Jews from Palestine has been the command of God that must not be broken. All the Jews must continue their prayers so that God accept their prayers and commands Messiah to take them back to their land. These Jewish religious fanatics reject claims of the Zionism concerning saving the Jews from diaspora and providing their security;
4. Zionism movement is in fact against the Semitics because it make Jews encounter dual commitment. In every corner of the world, Zionism exacerbate anti-Semitism so it forces Jews to migrate regardless of where they are;


5. Zionism has made Hebrew, which should be used only in religious affairs, an everyday and official spoken language and has undermined its sanctity. 
“Haredim” opposition against the state founded by the Zionists is a natural phenomenon because Israel is secular and neglects their Jewish identity, their values and their religious teachings and provides the requirements of separation of Jewish Nation from Torah teachings and religion. Haredim group holds two perspectives towards the “State of Israel”: First: a group which regards the foundation of such a state as an opposition to “Messiah”, and hence considers it as a sinful state. This opposition is not due to the secular nature of the state and its laws and institutions, rather it is due to its foundation nature and its opposition to the will of God and teachings of Torah. The supporters of this group see themselves exiled from their land because of the existence of this state and have nothing to do with the state and its educational institutions. They consider themselves removed from the society both socially and politically. Groups such as “Neturei Karta” and“Satmar Hasidim” are the representatives of this attitude. 
On the other hand, there are other groups that recognize the government as an external reality but they consider it without legitimacy.

In spite of the fact that they see themselves exiled, they cooperate with the state and its institutions and determine their relation with the country based on its commitment degree to teachings of Torah. The "Agudat Yisrael" and its sub divisions are the representatives of such attitude.
Haredim with approximately 1 million inhabitants covers 10 percent of Zionist society. Their population is rapidly growing due to their high birth rate. 

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