Year 24
Month 06
Day 07
Naturei Karta

Naturei Karta Movement
Naturei Karta means the “guardians of the city” in Aramaic and is taken from Talmud.  The movement was formed in 1935 by some apostates of “Agudat Yisrael” who accused its leaders of cooperating with Zionism. It has attracted Jews who are opposed to Zionism and the Israeli government.  Their numbers, according to their own claim, is around half a million Jews outside Palestine and tens of thousands inside Israel but its opponents estimate that their members are limited to no more than a few thousand inside Palestine.  Naturei Karta claims that the majority of media, intentionally, try to downplay their views and falsify their true numbers.


Naturei Karta opposes Zionism and seeks peaceful evacuation of Palestine from the Jews. Since, according to them, the Jews are forbidden from having a country of their own until Christ’s Second Coming.  They have established bases in Jerusalem, Ramat Beit Shemesh, Bnei Brak, London, New York City, other parts of New York, and in small communities in different cities across the US. 


Naturei Karta believes itself to be the inheritor and follower of original Jewish traditions, heritage, Jewish religious disciplines.   According to them, Zionism is against God’s will thatsentencedjews to diaspora as a result of their sins. Zionism is the one of the most evil conspiracies against the true Judaism.  They believe that the Jewish people is not what Zionism knows and is trying to represent but it is a religious group dating back to three thousand years ago who owes its existence to the covenant with its own God. And being chosen by God does not mean they are given dominion over other nations and people; It is so that they can serve all the humanity. 


Moreover, they believe that recapturing the land in any way is an opposition to God’s will. They have taken this belief from the Babylonian Talmud. According to their ideology, the return to the land of Israel happens by the Second Coming not dictatorship. 
Accordingly, Zionism is a departure from religion since setting up a government and gathering the Jewish people from around the world is an exclusive right of Jesus Christ.  The Israeli government is a group of unbelievers who have rebelled against God’s commands.  The followers of Naturei Karta go further and believe that Zionism and Nazism are essentially siblings born out of nationalism which first appeared in Europe.   
This movement has forbidden capturing land in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, entering and living in these lands for its apostles.  They have even forbidden visiting the Western Wall since it was taken by force and is not permissible.  They condemn PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) recognizing the Israeli government.  Naturei Karta has also declared paying taxes and other rights and public duties impermissible and its members cannot use government facilities and serve in the army.  Since they are not registered as citizens of the Zionist regime, they face oppression and discrimination. They are among the poorest of Jerusalem inhabitants.


Followers of Naturei Karta aim for un-recognition of Israel and have done many things to condemn Israel andto do the final evacuation until the Second Arrival; let's say “Rabi Hirsch’s”, a radical leader of Naturei Karta, proposal as to join Yasser Arafat’s cabinet as the “Secretary of Jews”. He believed that Yasser Arafat and PLO were the legitimate rulers of Palestine. 
Currently, Naturei Karta has two major branches. Its wider branch, which acts more effectively and pervasively worldwide, is led by “Rabi Alenbogen”. The smaller and more limited one, with more principled positions, is led by “Rabi David Vice” and “Moshe Berbek” from New York.  This branch is smaller than the first one and has extensive ties with militant Palestinian groups such as Fatah and Arafat and has had good relations with Islamic Resistance Movements.  
Site and social media of Naturei Karta:!/NetureiKarta

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