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Month 06
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Israel as a Rentier State

Israel as a Rentier State

In political science and international relations theory, a rentier state isa state which derives all or a substantial portion of its national revenues from the rent of indigenous resources to external clients. Consequently economic situation in country becomes independent of citizens. For that, government can take some decisions do not reflect citizens' aspirations, andsometimesincompatible with their needs.



This independence of rentirestate from people makes it submissive to foreign powers.Israel is a best example of these countries ,where  its works to maintain American benefits in region, where its economy based on US aids .Sometimes US threaten Israel to cut aids in order to force it to do what US wants even if Israelisettlers are against. This makes Israel subsidiary to US control. A good example for this the final Israel war on Lebanon where the main cause for this war was to continue  Us project in creating new Middle East and finally Israel paid the cost of this war.


American Aids to Israel

Since Israel’s independence, it receives grants from the US for various issues each year. These range from military aid such as improving and extending the Iron Dome and confronting the tunnels to encouraging the Jewish people to migrate to Palestine.  
The sum of US aid to Israel has reached 127 billion dollars and is still on the rise.   From 1949 to 1978 this amount was less than 12.8 billion dollars and 425 million dollars annually but since 1979 up to present these amounts have risen to 117.761 billion dollars.  Around 80 billion dollars (more than 60 percent) of this grant is for military uses.



The Israeli military dependence on the US is highly visible when we consider two factors: financial help and selling advanced armaments to Israel, which has more strategic importance, while many other countries selling arms to Israel are under pressure from social groups because of the Israeli occupation.
It is obvious that Israel has come to depend upon these aids to sustain itself and solve domestic and, especially, foreign issues and it can’t become independent.  Israel’s addicted economy is getting more and more dependent on these aids and government authorities as well as Jewish lobbies are trying to increase the amount of these aids.

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