Year 24
Month 06
Day 07
Iron Dome

Iron dome is one of the air defense used by Israeli military to save Israel from short range rockets which enters service in 2011. Each rocket in this system cost about 50 to 60 million dollars, and generally two rocket from iron dome used to destroy one short range rocket before reaching its target.
Israeli iron dome cost billionsdollar, USA donated 200 million dollar for Israel to produce this system. As mentioned above, Tamir rockets (name of rockets in this system) is expensivein contrast to the cost of Qassam rockets which cost less than 100 dollar.



Israeli officers worked on propaganda to prove efficiency of Israeli iron dome. They talk about 75 to 90 percent of success in this system. But high cost of Tamir rockets when compared to the cost of Palestinian rockets is one of most critical problem and considered as a weak point in such system. Moreover Israeli iron dome suffers from additional problem regarding its ability to save Israel during a continuous and strong attack, also this system is unable to stop and detect short range rockets since it take little time to hit its target compared to the time taken by system to analyze data before destroying the rocket.

Causes behind Using Iron Dome in Israel

In 2006 Lebanon war, also called the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war, 4000 Hezbollah fired rockets landed in northern Israel which caused huge damage in homes and killed 44 setters which arises a persistent need for an efficient defense system can protect Israel from short range rockets. After one year of 2006 Lebanon war AmirPeretz, Israeli defense minister of war, comes with a supper idea with the selection of Iron Dome as Israel's defense against this short-range rocket threat and he assign to Rafael company the role of developing this system.



Major Failure of Iron Dome

Israel which says it owns the most powerful air defense in the world, during eight day war between Hamas and Israel on Gaza this system proved its inefficiency when rockets were fired at Israel.


Ayoub drone in Israeli Occupied Territories

New evidence can prove the failure of Israeli iron dome system is the penetration of drone send by Hezbollah which entered deep in the occupied terrorists. This drone was able to penetrate Israeli sky without being detected or recognize by Israeli developed radar it entered 300 kilometers in the Israeli sky and flied above petroleum and Israeli military regions to reach finally the main center for generating nuclear power in Israel "Negev Nuclear Research Center "located in the Negev desert, about thirteen kilometers south-east of the city of Dimona.

After recognizing and destruction of drone Israeli officers were surprised,shocked, and unable to solve this mystery. This drone was able to reach the Israeli occupied territories without being detected by Israeli iron dome located at Gaza border. According to Israel the detection of this drone was using eyes and binoculars without using the radars.
Another point which prove the weakness of this system is two rockets that fired wrongly from system to settlement of Eilat.




Israeli iron dome made up of two central and basic part rockets and radars, where both two parts suffer from problem: first one is the high cost rockets which failed to stop and protect Israel from low cost rockets coming from resistance movements' attacks, this huge different in cost put Israel in bad economic situation. second one is radars which should work in different weather conditions, but itfailed to prove its affectivity and efficiency when Ayoub drone penetrated Israeli occupied terroristand captured images from sensitive military places inside Israel ,and from Negev nuclear research center.
Finally, Israeli officers using different ways to save and protect Israel from resistance movements' attacks, but this ways failed to stop Israeli losses which increased by the time creating fear between settlers and lead to reverse migration from Israel to the world.

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