Year 24
Month 06
Day 07
Military State

Military Infiltrating the Politics
If it was not for the Israeli army and security forces it could not have started and continued its existence. Western, especially the US, military support played a key role in starting the Israeli army and its wide ranging military industry while helping it horde a huge nuclear arsenal so as to provide it with enough deterrent power to shape its existence in the region as a sovereign nation.
This is important to remember that since its coming into being, security has been the most important issue for the country. Due to its small size and lower population in comparison to the Arab nations around it, with whom it has had many military conflicts, Israel constantly feels threatened.


Main strategy settled by Israeli leaders, i.e. conquering and affixing land from Arab, has dictated an aggressive policy on the country which is based on using military forces.   Therefore, it has taken up an aggressive policy of violence to eliminate threats and stopping its Arab enemies.  Israel must train a strong and modern army equipped with the most advanced arms and systems in order to provide national security.  Adopting an aggressive policy, surely, needs a strong presence by the army in political decision making because Israel’s fragile situation leaves no room for allowing its political and security future rest on the shoulders of politicians who are strangers to military and strategic notions.  As a result, because of Israel’s inner geopolitical situation and its surrounding conditions, the army has been able to take the politics and media in Israel under its own control. 


Media under military control
Close ties between military organizations and mass medias will make them serve the militaristic discourse which in turn, through censorship and selective media coverage, help the military reach its aims.   Apart from a few journalists who have voiced their protest against media following the lead of military most of the others not only have shown their sympathy and understanding with the issue but also count it as a national duty that accepts the political and military realities dictated to them. Realities that have in turn set a warlike mentality as a necessity for freedom of speech, belief, and the right to know.




Everything through the eyes of security
Considering the anything domestic as security issues, abandoning economic, social, and cultural conditions, giving harsh responses, lacking flexibility in the policy making of the regime, unbalanced development pattern based upon a dependent defense industry Are all among problems arising from mixing together of defense and politics and has affected the social sphere tremendously.  It is worth noting that basically the Israeli citizens are all militias stationed in the country and all men and women have to take part in annual maneuvers or report to the army in case of emergency.




Therefore, a civil society in the Zionist regime is not able to express itself and is under the constant influence of security decisions and the existing critical atmosphere. Social crises, launching modern social movements, and nationwide strikes among different groups of the populace all point to the depth of the problem in the Zionist society; a society which owes its existence to the shadow of security menace constantly over its head and would have surely disintegrated so far. It can be said, from a socio-political perspective, the mechanisms for public decision making in politics have been eclipsed by the security atmosphere in a way that civil issues and problems have been cast into oblivion and helped widen the gap in society and culture.   


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