Year 24
Month 06
Day 07
Israeli Espionage from US

The knowledge that Israeli-connected companies and intelligence agents have been involved in detailed and elaborate spying operations in the US is of course not new. The phenomenon has been painstakingly documented over the years by numerous journalists and sources. Indeed, the documented cases of Israeli spying on their supposed ally — the self-same American government that is supplying it with $3 billion in grants each year — are nearly too numerous to document.

Jonathan Pollard
The most infamous case of espionage among these two friends (U.S. and Israel) revolves around a spy named Jonathan Pollard, who was sentenced to life in prison in 1987 for pinching a trove of U.S. secrets and supplying them to Israel. Defenders of Pollard argue that he was merely providing the Israeli government information needed for the country’s defense and that Jerusalem should have been receiving from Washington through official channels. The Israeli government has repeatedly requested his release, and Pollard is regarded as a national hero in some quarters in Israel.
In 2015 he was released from prison and he was set up for electronic monitoring as required under his parole.

Zalman Shapiro and espionage for Israel

In March 2010, the two researchers wrote “Revisiting the NUMEC Affair” for the Bulletin. They contended there was abundant evidence available from declassified documents to support suspicions that at least some of the 337 kg. of radioactive materials that had gone missing from NUMEC in the 1960s from the plant in Apollo had been stolen and taken to the nuclear research reactor in Dimona, Israel. The cited documents also reveal that the FBI, CIA, the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and members of the top echelons of the U.S. national security establishment were aware that NUMEC’s founder and president, Zalman Shapiro, not only had ties to Israeli intelligence officers and operatives with science-related job descriptions, but had also allowed them into the NUMEC plant.

Revealing American Military Technology to China 
The Israelis stole W88 nuclear secrets from US labs and provided that technology to China in an arrangement whereas China for its part assembled both the delivery system and the W88 payload. There is no longer any doubt that US missile technology was also transferred illegally to China by Israeli agents and by Israel directly. The Israeli effort was designed to develop a submarine launched nuclear ballistic missile to augment an aging nuclear deterrent.
Espionage in Iranian Nuclear Arena
It is reported that during secret nuclear negotiations between the United Nations P5+1 and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Israel spied on Americans, stole highly classified secret information, and fed it directly to Republicans in a continued attempt to empower Israel to manipulate American foreign policy.

Israel as the Third Cyber Threat for the US 
In an NSA document made public in 2014, the agency observed that “the Israelis are extraordinarily good partners for us,” in the realm of signals intelligence, or the interception of data. But, the document added, “they target us to learn our positions on Middle East problems.” Indeed, a 2013 National Intelligence Estimate on cyber threats “ranked Israel the third most aggressive intelligence service against the U.S.” That position put Israel behind only Russia and China.

As shown in the above sections Israeli espionage is about to embolden diversities between the two American parties using penetration in the American domestic arena. It is obvious that the main goal of Israelis to strengthen herself by stealing advanced American technologies.
 Still it is under question that do Americans, really, unable to halt such a huge spying?
Does this level of cooperation has no downside to the American national interests?

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