Year 24
Month 06
Day 07
Prostitution in Israel

Unlike many countries, prostitution in Israel is legal. Prostitution is legal, but what is not legal, is running a brothel or living off the earnings of a prostitute Israel legalize prostitute as way to attract Jewish from around the world and increase number of tourists. Prostitution in Israel is not kept on the down low. Some of the places where prostitution is more popular is in cities like Tel Aviv and Haifa. In Tel Aviv, between 250 and 300 brothels are operating. Prostitutes can be found on the streets, strip clubs and "massage parlors." Politicians, businessmen and even police officers are known to visit the upscale "massage parlors" and high price strip clubs. Regular citizens are more likely to just look for a prostitute on the streets.


The Welfare Ministry report estimated there are some 11,420-12,730 sex workers in Israel, 95% of them women, and 89% of whom are over 18. Between 970 and 1,260 (11%) are minors. The figures place the number of prostitutes per 100,000 Israelis at 121-128. The prostitution industryis a billion-dollar industry, according to officials who testified before the Knesset Subcommittee on Trafficking in Women and Prostitution, including the head of the Tax Authority.




 Prostitute industry in Israel develops rapidly due to its high profits where women who work in get little amount of these profits and the remaining profits go to place owners .Some NIS 510 million ($135 million) is made annually in the 265 “discreet apartments,” 43% of the total yearly sum (1.2 billion in 2014) generated by the industry. Escort services racked up some NIS 220 million ($58 million) and massage parlors that offered sexual services NIS 190 million ($50 million). Street prostitution generated just NIS 70 million ($18 million) in yearly earnings, some 6% of the annual total. Some one-quarter of Israeli prostitutes see more than seven clients a day (the average is 5.5).



The prostitution industry has flourished as trafficking has subside because demand for sex service remains steady. To explain more, the Israel sex industry from the early 1990s until the mid-2000s was based on the trafficking of women from the former Soviet Union. Not until a 2001 U.S. State Department report on human trafficking, in which Israel ranked at the third and lowest level, did the state begin taking serious steps to suppress the industry. Otherwise Israel could have lost vital economic aid. Israel’s efforts have succeeded and trafficking has been reduced. For the second year in a row, Israel has done better in the State Department’s annual report, alongside other nations trying to stamp out human trafficking.

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