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dividerNews Archivedivider«Israel» Prepares for a Maritime Hizbullah Offensive
«Israel» Prepares for a Maritime Hizbullah Offensive

The "Israeli" Occupation forces [IOF] is preparing for a possible scenario where Hizbullah commandos breach the entity's northern border.

The "Israeli" entity's naval forces had marked the northern border an operational weak point that Hizbullah's commando unit is training to take advantage of when the time comes.

The "Israelis" are giving much attention to the group due to Hizbullah's advanced operational capabilities which it had developed over the years.

The scenario which the "Israeli" navy is preparing for is a covert breach by sea-bound commandos from Hizbullah to the "Israeli" coast north of Nahariya in an attempt to carry out a mass operation in combination with launching anti-tank missiles from the Lebanese coast towards "Israeli" navy forces and heavy mortar strikes.

To combat this threat, the IOF had implemented a widespread sensory system in the naval border designed to warn against an attempted breach.

Simultaneously, the 914th practices those scenarios on a near weekly basis in collaboration with military forces in charge of holding the coast.

The "Israeli" entity's Navy Commander Lt. Col. Ronen Mirkam is aware of Hizbullah's presence, "Officially, soldiers of the Lebanese Armed Forces are stationed in the outposts ahead of us, but Hizbullah also has combatants in this area," referring to South Lebanon.

The "Israeli" entity's infantry corps as well as its naval forces hold joint military drills to prevent friendly fire or any loss of control during a real event - any breach by Hizbullah.

Source : ynetnews

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