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Hamas considering plan to scale back civilian rule of Gaza

The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, is considering a proposal to radically scale back its political and security responsibilities in the Gaza Strip.



According to an anonymous source: “the proposed project would create a political and security vacuum in Gaza that might open up the door to a range of possible outcomes, including possible military confrontation with the Israeli occupation forces.”

The plan, which is aimed at confronting both the Israeli-led siege of the strip and more recent measures taken by the – West Bank based – Palestinian Authority, comprise four elements. The most notable of which would be for Hamas to give up all political power and responsibility it currently has in Gaza.

In such a scenario, the civilian police and other local institutions would continue to operate, while Hamas’ security forces would carry out only civilian assignments but not security ones.

Hamas’s military wing, the Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, would then take over control of the strip’s security by deploying its forces throughout the territory.

The Hamas source did not clarify the goal or the duration of the project, but it seems that the initiative was meant to embarrass the, West Bank-based, Palestinian Authority which has recently taken punitive steps against Hamas and the people of Gaza.

The Gaza Strip exists in a state of perpetual crisis resulting from the Israel-led siege. Conditions have worsened recently as a result of measures undertaken by PA leadership. These have included imposing taxes on the power station fuel and working with the Israeli occupation forces to decrease energy supplies to the Strip. In addition the PA has to reduced the salaries of government employees and forcing thousands of them into early retirement.

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