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“Israeli” Elections: Right-wing Bloc Kicks off Campaign under New Name

“Israel’s” leader of right-wing political bloc Ayelet Shaked on Monday held a press conference to officially kickoff her faction's electoral bid for the apartheid entity’s September election.


Formally known as the 'United Right List,' Shaked announced that the right-wing faction she leads will change its name to "Yemina."

The word loosely means "To The Right" when translated into English.  

"I am aiming for the highest political echelon in ‘Israel’ and intend to go as far as I can” Shaked said.

Meanwhile, Shaked's political partner and head of the National Union Party Bezalel Smotritch issued a public apology to “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu following a meeting with Bibi.

“Things were said in a way that was not fitting, especially not given the relationship between a prime minister and a minister in his government, and for that I am sorry,” Smotritch said in a statement. 

“Netanyahu is the leader of the right. He is a good prime minister,” he continued, adding “When there needs to be criticism, we’ll know how to criticize.”

On Sunday, Smotritch took to Twitter to slam Netanyahu calling him a "weak" prime minister who provides "zero leadership." 

One of the options the premier considered was firing Smotrich, who currently serves as “
Israel's” Transportation Minister, from the Security Cabinet.

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