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dividerNews ArchivedividerPalestinians in Jerusalem Protest EU Bias Towards Israel
Palestinians in Jerusalem Protest EU Bias Towards Israel

Palestinian activists in East Jerusalem organised a protest against “the European Union’s bias towards Israel”.


The activists staged a sit-in outside the European Union headquarters yesterday at the invitation of the National Action Commission and held banners reading “the EU statements on the latest Israeli aggression on Gaza are totally biased towards Israel”.

Palestinian activist, Rassem Obeidat, told the Anadolu Agency: “We mainly protest the statement by European Union (EU) High Representative, Federica Mogherini in which she said that the rockets fired from the Gaza Strip towards the occupying state [Israel] are indiscriminate.”

Obeidat said that Mogherini “did not condemn the occupation and the siege imposed on the sector, the Israeli aggression on the return marches” noting that the UN Human Rights Council described the Israeli practices as possible “war crimes”.

Last week, the Gaza Strip witnessed a three-day military escalation during which the Israeli army launched fierce air and artillery raids on various targets in the sector.

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