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Trump in La-La Land: I’d Be 98% in ‘Israeli’ Election

It seems that Trump is a little bit more of daydreaming!


US President Donald Trump made strong-worded comments regarding the Democratic leanings of American Jews, while proudly boasting of his overwhelming support in ‘Israel’ to the point that he claimed he would be elected prime minister of the Zionist entity were he to run.

"Trump said if he could run to be prime minister of ‘Israel,’ he'd be at 98% in the polls, according to three sources who were there," wrote Axios reporter Jonathan Swan regarding Trump’s comments over the weekend to Republican National Convention [RNC] donors in Florida, where smart devices were prohibited to prevent leaks.

Although Trump enjoys a strong relationship with Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he has been less well received by American Jewry.

At the talk, Trump reportedly expressed that “he didn’t understand how any Jew could vote for a Democrat these days,” following the passage of a resolution in the House of Representatives that condemned anti-Semitism and Islamophobia but was criticized by Republicans for being too soft of a response to controversial comments made by Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesotta regarding US-‘Israel’ relations.

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