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Day 07
dividerNews ArchivedividerNormalization to Be Continued: “Israel” Transport Minister Visits Oman
Normalization to Be Continued: “Israel” Transport Minister Visits Oman

As part of the continued Arab countries’ normalization with the “Israeli” occupation entity, Zionist Transportation and Intelligence Minister “Israel” Katz set off for Oman this week.


Kutz will discuss with Oman a proposal for a rail line that would connect between the occupied territories and the Gulf States, in another sign of warming ties between both sides.

Katz will also attend an international transportation conference in Sultan, where he will present the initiative so-called “Tracks for Regional Peace."

The line is to run from the harbor of the northern “Israeli”-occupied Palestinian city of Haifa to Saudi Arabia and other Arab states.

It also contemplates a stopover in the occupied West Bank’s Jenin.

While the Zionist entity does not have official diplomatic ties with Oman or other gulf states, there has been reportedly enhanced contact and cooperation between them.

Earlier last month, Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held surprise talks with Oman's Sultan Qaboos in Muscat -- accompanied by the head of “Israeli” Mossad intelligence agency.

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