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Hezbollah's Nasrallah: Israel Made 'Historic Mistake' in Syria

Israel accused of placing itself in 'direct' confrontation with Iran with suspected attack on military airbase in Homs.



A suspected Israeli missile assault on a Syrian airbase in Homs province was a "historic mistake", the leader of Lebanon's Iranian-backed Hezbollah has said in a televised speech.

Hassan Nasrallah said on Friday from the Lebanese capital, Beirut, that Israel had placed itself in direct confrontation with Iran, referring to the missile attacks that targeted military sites in Syria on April 9.

Two Israeli warplanes, using Lebanese airspace, fired eight missiles at the T-4 military airbase, according to the Russian military.

The attack on the airbase, located 40km west of Palmyra, killed about 14 people, at least four of whom were Iranians from Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps - an independent force that answers only to the country's supreme leader.

Nasrallah described the attack as unprecedented in the region - something that could not be overlooked.

The missile attack followed a suspected chemical attack targeting Douma, a former rebel-held town in the Damascus suburb of Eastern Ghouta.

There has been no comment by Israeli officials on the issue.

In his speech, Nasrallah described the suspected chemical attack, as a "theatrical play", and appeared to clear the Syrian government of responsibility amid a chorus of Western accusations against it.

He cautioned the United States against military intervention in Syria, saying it would pit the country in a battle with "the people of the region" rather than "armies or organisations".

The Israeli army launched "large-scale" attacks inside Syria.

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