Nimr Jamal
Year 24
Month 06
Day 07
dividerNews Archivedivider’Israel’ Urges US to Slap New Sanctions on Iran
’Israel’ Urges US to Slap New Sanctions on Iran

Iran's deployment of missiles in Syria appear set to be at the center of talks between Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump during their Monday meeting.

Meanwhile, the Zionist entity has grown increasingly alarmed at what it claims are a proliferation of Iranian bases in Syria. 

For its part, Iran has flatly rejected US and European suggestions that it enter negotiations over its missile program, which it says are purely defensive and not up for discussion.

Appearing at the America "Israel" Public Affairs Council [AIPAC] on Sunday, the Zionist Ambassador to Washington Ron Dermer urged the US and Europe to slap sanctions on Iran's financial and oil sectors over its missile production. 

"Iran already has missiles that can hit "Israel." So those missiles that they are developing are not for us, they're for all of Europe and, ultimately, for the United States," he told an audience at the long-running pro-"Israel" event. 

Calling on the world powers to incorporate missiles into the nuclear accord, Dermer specified "That would mean that if Iran continues to develop these missiles, that you would have crippling sanctions on Iran."

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