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Ten Reasons Why the People Around the Globe Don’t Like the Zionist Regime

All over its subsistence, the Zionism regime has been provoking global hatred that has been disclosed for the following 10 reasons:


1- Racism: Zionist ideology is based on the logic of racism, for the Zionists, the Jewish race is the most original race that must overcome over all other contests. For its contest, Zionism considers itself the “mission of saving the world and creating a new order”, and recognizes other contests as a substitute for its authority, and has special and strict rules to protect its race from pollution and confusion, including “the prohibition of marriage With non-intrusions.The national law bill, recently passed in the Knesset (Parliament of Israel), contains the following provisions.

2. Religious self-assertion: The “self-specific nose” and the superiority of the Jewish religion have led to the isolation of the Jewish people throughout history, the Zionists post other religions and introduce themselves as the savior of the world.

3. counterfeit historical myths and lies: The Zionist school falsifies the myths of a historical power belonging to one’s own country to justify its expansionism and aggression to other nations, and aims to revive the past. The political leaders of Zionism revived the imaginary era of their past empire as a model of their work and promise “great Israel; from Nile to Euphrates” to their followers. Consequently, the occupation of the lands of others is regarded as their historical right; the term “living space” in the works of Herzl means the appropriation of other lands to ensure the progress of their race and exploiters.

4. The apparent announcement of future aims: Zionists have published their plans in writing and publicly since many years before the implementation of their goals, but they have not been taken seriously because of the illogical and delusional nature of these goals. No action has been taken to prevent them. Is. Herzl has announced the establishment of a Jewish state since 1896 in the “Jewish state”, which is in fact the statute of political Zionism. Since 1905, Zionists have declared Palestine as the seat of the Israeli government, and since 1940 they said that there is no place for the two tribes in this land.

5. Occupation: In 1905, the Zionists declared that they were in the formation of their own government in Palestine, saying that Palestine was not for two nations! They founded their own government on the basis of occupation and aggression. After the formation of the state of Israel, its rulers have always stated in their writings and interviews the plans for future hostilities. Glamsayer and others have always spoken of the great historical borders of Israel from Nile to Euphrates, from Litany to Sinai, and even more widely to the whole of the Middle East, the Gulf states, Iran and Pakistan, and Africa and Turkey, and so on.

6. Disregard of Principles and Values: In spite of the bitter and savage prejudices that the Zionists express to the principles of their ideologies, they are not loyal to the same ideology even for their own interests, and their slogans are different from their actions. The Zionists allowed cooperation with the enemy as necessary; Herzl would collaborate with prominent anti-Semites, such as Pelikhov, the head of the Russian anti-Jewish movement, and wrote, “To hell that me ally the anti-Semites!” The Israeli government of South African Prime Minister Wester, The Nazi anti-Semitism has a degree of charity, so welcomed that even Israeli newspapers have protested.

7- Wars and killings: Israel’s numerous wars with neighboring countries, as well as numerous attacks on Gaza, have been recorded in the name of this regime as a human spell. According to UNICEF, by August 2014, 447 children were killed in air revolts 70 percent of them were 12 or younger, and the youngest were a 10-day-old girl. 2877 children were injured. In another report from the same organization this year, but on October 23, the number of children killed was 538 and the number of injured was 3,106. Meanwhile, Israeli military attacks on Gaza in 2008 and 2009 killed 350 children, and the Gaza conflict in 2012 resulted in the deaths of 35 children. United Nations data indicate that one-third of the victims of the recent war in Gaza were children.

8. Spying: The Zionist Weaponist regime, whose existence is protected by crime and warfare, has many bad features in the world today, one of which is the spying and injecting laborious plans to other countries. Immediately after the establishment of the Israeli government, David Ben-Gurion, the first Israeli prime minister, expressed his opinion on setting up a national framework for the intelligence agencies that were active prior to the establishment of the Israeli regime. On June 7, 1948, Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion called for two men to meet.Meet
:Reuben Shilwach (a Jewish political agent) and Acer Berry (Acer Burentsewig, nicknamed the “Acer Big”), who effectively controlled “Shay”, and recently replaced David Schalteli. The initial outcome of the meeting was to determine the scope of the intelligence institutions of the new Israeli regime. Eventually, the Hagana was created by a special secret organization called the Shai Information Office. In 1937, Hagana also formed the “Mossad Layalibi Beat” (meaning the Immigration Office). The Israeli intelligence agency had the name in 1951, when it was officially announced for the first time, and its spy network has since been called Mossad.

9- govermental Terrorism: Israel is accused of supporting militant organizations that carry out terrorist operations against the enemies of Israel in the Middle East. Israel is particularly trying to prevent its neighbors from gaining nuclear power. This is part of a general Israeli policy to maintain its army qualitative level against enemies who are slightly more alive than him. The assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, as well as Palestinian scholars, is the same, interestingly, Israel has never been unequivocal to publicly condemn its opponents.. Israel has even recorded a history of assassinations of its Jews and spies. Robert Maxwell Jew, a British MP and former Mussard spy, was assassinated by a special assassination facility in the Mossad, called Kidon, in the Canary Islands.

10. Widespread proliferation of weapons of mass destruction: Israel has a large number of nuclear weapons and the sixth largest country in the world that has developed them. Israel is one of the four nuclear-armed nations that the NPT has not recognized as a nuclear-weapon state.

Israel pursues a policy of ambiguity and has never officially admitted to having nuclear weapons, Israel has not signed the NPT despite international pressure and declared it to be contrary to the interests of national security. While the United States has always been chanting nuclear weapons, its approach towards Israel has always been to support the regime and cover up its crimes and actions.

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