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Year 24
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dividerNews ArchivedividerLebanese PM: Lebanon United in Face of ’Israeli’ Violations
Lebanese PM: Lebanon United in Face of ’Israeli’ Violations

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri emphasized after a summit at Baabda Palace with President Michel Aoun and House Speaker Nabih Berri that Lebanon will always have "unified stances to confront "Israel's" violations," the National News Agency reported on Monday.


"Our stances will always be united to confront "Israel's" violations against Lebanon," assured Hariri.

Aoun, for his part, called for the summit at the Presidential Palace with the aim of tackling the "Israeli" threats and evaluating the situation in the wake of Saturday's major flare-up in Syria.

Earlier on Saturday, the Syrian Army's air defense confronted a new "Israeli" aggression on a military base in the central area and hit at least one F-16 warplane, Syrian state TV SANA reported, citing a military source. 

Syria said that its aerial defense had repelled an "Israeli" attack against an army base in central Syria. 

The official said more than one "Israeli" aircraft had been hit. 

The "Israeli" military confirmed that one F-16 had gone down in northern "Israeli" entity, and that its two pilots had ejected and had been located and transferred to hospital. 

The "Israeli" army said later that one of the pilots was in serious condition, according to The Jerusalem Post.

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