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dividerNews ArchivedividerBarak casts dark shadow over Israel’s future under Netanyahu
Barak casts dark shadow over Israel’s future under Netanyahu

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak has slammed Benjamin Netanyahu over his policies which he believes will lead to a one state which threatens the Zionist project because of its Muslim majority.


Speaking at Tel Aviv’s Katedra lecture centre, Barak said “the tendency towards a one state will lead to a Jewish-Christian state with a Muslim majority which will lead to destroying the foundation and institutions of the democratic and Zionist state”.

Barak added that “the coalition government, which does not seek to separate from the Palestinians, will lead to a Muslim majority in the State of Israel and to a permanent violent conflict and then Israel will no longer be Jewish, Zionist or democratic”.

Barak has also criticised the government’s foreign policies which according to him distances itself from important European countries like Britain, France and Scandinavia while seeking to improve relations with nationalistic countries like Poland.  (19:31:23 | 1397-08-26)
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