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US, Israel Formed 'Highly Professional Working Group' Against Iran

by Ekaterina Blinova


It appears that Washington and Tel Aviv are going to step up pressure on Iran. According to some reports, the US and Israel have formed a special team to support the protest movement inside the country. Speaking to Sputnik, analysts shared their views on the alleged US-Israeli plan.

Citing unnamed Israeli officials, Axios announced on July 3 that the US and Israel had established a joint team to exert pressure on the Iranian government and encourage protests in the country. The Israeli government and the White House declined to provide comments on the issue to Axios.

Speaking to Sputnik, Israeli political analyst Avigdor Eskin noted that initially "the only source for this information is Channel 10 of Israeli TV," but "then it was checked and picked up by Maariv and few other media resources."

He stressed that "the coordination between Israel and the US is underway now and there is a highly professional working group."

"The new policy will be directed towards increasing internal unrest in Iran," Eskin highlighted, adding that "Israel has not been involved in this up until now."
The political analyst noted that "the anti-Iranian sanctions are working better than the team of President Trump has thought." However, he suggested that Washington and Tel Aviv are seeking to exert additional pressure on Iran and "then negotiate with Tehran on all the important matters."
"The joint team under the guidance of John Bolton and of Meir Ben-Shabat is rather a sign that regime change will be the goal," he presumed. "Both of them are unique professionals. According to my sources and my understanding, they will not deal so much with internal protests in Iran. No need."

'US, Israel are Pursuing All Available Options'

For his part, Wall Street analyst and investigative journalist Charles Ortel presumed that Axios's suggestion "seems likely."

"Since 1979, Iran's leaders have continuously made bellicose threats against Israel and against the United States. Given the manifestly close relationship between the Trump Administration and the Netanyahu Administration, one imagines America and Israel are pursuing all available options with regard to Iran, including the harshest of economic sanctions," the Wall Street analyst opined.

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