Year 24
Month 06
Day 07
dividerNews ArchivedividerBibi: ’Israel’s’ Ties with Arab States Improving ‘Beyond Imagination’!
Bibi: ’Israel’s’ Ties with Arab States Improving ‘Beyond Imagination’!

Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu uncovered to a major Jewish gathering in occupied al-Quds on Sunday that the Zionist entity's relations with Arab nations were "improving beyond imagination" and claimed that "this will ultimately help achieve peace without Palestinians neighbors."


Netanyahu was speaking to a crowd of more than 2,400 delegates from 26 different countries attending the American Jewish Committee Global Forum - an annual event held for the first time in the advocacy organization's 112-year-history outside the United States.

Netanyahu's key message was that times have never been better for "Israel", economically or diplomatically.

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