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Majority of Israeli students would consider leaving Israel

New survey shows Israeli students don't have time for political activities, would consider leaving Israel to advance their careers.


Concerns over Israel’s democracy and its diplomatic standing were cited amongst the reasons why a majority of Israeli students would consider leaving the country.

The findings were made in a recent survey by the National Union of Israeli Students, which concluded that 59 per cent of Israeli students are considering leaving Israel. Details of the survey have been met with concern as large numbers of students have said that they are disturbed by social and political issues in Israel and are increasingly aware of the situation.

A growing number of students feel alienated from the political process. Political and ethical issues are said to be finding expression within institutions of higher education where students strive to be more active in these issues but the survey found that students feel they are limited due to time constraints.

Students are not only worried about the direction of the Israeli state, pointing to the future of its democracy and diplomatic isolation, 30 per cent also said that the growing cost of living in Israel is a major issue for them.

Another complaint is the lack of support for political activism. Sixty-three per cent of Israeli students said their institution does not encourage or support political activities at all, and that their professors did not initiate discussions regarding politics, even if they allowed discussions to take place.

Commenting on the findings the National Union of Israeli Students Chairman Ram Shefa said: “The results of this survey should be a warning sign to decision makers and those in charge of the academic system. Young people who are trying to survive financially will neglect society. If there is no intervention, we will wake up to an alienated society….it is not impossible that we will end up with a lack of empathy and societal estrangement.”

While 59 per cent of students said they would be willing to emigrate from Israel under certain circumstances, 40 per cent said they would never consider leaving Israel and 82 per cent of the respondents said they would participate in Israel’s next elections.

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