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Lebanese President from Egypt: Hizbullah Weaponry Complements Army’s Action

Lebanon President, Michel Aoun, said in an interview with CBC Egypt that Hizbullah's weaponry was complementary to the army's action, and do not oppose it.

"As long as a part of the territory is occupied by ‘Israel', which also has covetousness in Lebanese natural resources, and as long as the army is not powerful enough to face ‘Israel', we feel the need to maintain Hizbullah's weapons. These weapons complement the action of the army," Aoun underscored.

According to Aoun, were it not for the resistance's pressure, ‘Israel' wouldn't have withdrawn from most of the territory.

"Hizbullah's arms are not contradictory to the state project, which I support and for which I endeavor," he pointed out.

The President, who spoke on the eve of his visit to Cairo tomorrow, Monday, said it was unacceptable that the Arab situation continue as such, since it is destructive for all.

Aoun described his visit to Cairo as an opportunity to exchange views with his Egyptian counterpart on all issues of interest to both countries.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi Monday received Lebanese President Michel Aoun at al-Ittihadiya presidential palace in Cairo.

Aoun traveled to Egypt at the head of a senior delegation on the first leg of a two-day tour that will also take him to Jordan.

He will be meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah II during his visit to Amman.

During his stay in Cairo, Aoun will be giving a speech to the Arab League Council, which includes the Arab nations' permanent representatives.

Source : Alahdnews

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