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Israel to Sign Free Trade Deal That Excludes West Bank Settlements

In what is being described as a first of its kind, Israel is set to sign a free trade deal with South Korea that excludes settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory and Syrian Golan Heights.

US’ Tlaib Rejects Israel Offer to Visit Grandmother in West Bank

US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has rejected Israel’s offer to allow her to visit her grandmother in the occupied West Bank.

US House Leaders Back Netanyahu’s Decision to Let Tlaib and Omar Enter Israel

US House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer on Sunday dismissed assertions that support for Israel is waning among members of his Democratic Party, reports Haaretz.

Riding Without Checkpoints: Hundreds Cycle Through London, Manchester in Support of Palestinians

Some 400 activists cycled through the British cities of Manchester and London to raise money for a charity supporting Palestinian children in sport.

University Must Recognize pro-BDS Group, New York Court Rules

Fordham University 'did not abide by its own published rules governing the approval and recognition of student clubs' and its own rules don't include any reference to whether an organization is 'polarizing,' judge says.

UN Slams «Israel» Arms Sales to Myanmar

The “Israeli” entity’s sale of weapons to Myanmar has been criticized by the UN in a report calling on the international community to impose targeted sanctions and an arms embargo on the south-east Asian nation.

AIPAC Affiliate Takes US Lawmakers to Israel to ‘Reaffirm Support’ for Tel Aviv

A group of 41 American Democratic lawmakers have traveled to the Israeli-occupied Palestinian lands to “reaffirm” their support for the Tel Aviv regime, a trip that is organized by an affiliate of the the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Microsoft Criticized for Investing in Israeli Firm Spying on Palestinians

Human rights groups have criticized American tech giant Microsoft for funding an Israeli facial recognition company, which is spying on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

PLO Pleads to EU to Stop Israel ‘Crimes’

The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) appealed Friday to the European Union and human rights organisations to “intervene urgently” to stop Israel’s “ongoing crimes” against Palestinian detainees, Anadolu Agency reports.

US Congresswoman: Critiquing Israel Means You Believe in Human Rights

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Donald Trump try to shut down criticism of Israel with accusations of anti-Semitism.

Israeli Wine From Settlements Must Be Labelled, Canada Court Rules

Marking products of settlement as 'made in Israel' is misleading for people who wish to boycott them as a peaceful political expression, says court ruling.

Cyprus Releases Israelis Accused of Rape, Arrests British Accuser

All 12 Israeli teens who were accused of gang rape have now been released and had the charges against them dropped by southern Cypriot authorities, while the British woman who filed the claim has been arrested.

10 Downing Street: Beware of Zionists at Work

Boris Johnson, the new Prime Minister (PM), has promised a “golden age” to the British people. Addressing parliament for the first time as PM on July 25, Johnson said Brexit would make Britain “the greatest place on earth”.

Britain’s New 22 person Zionist-Friendly Cabinet

Boris Johnson’s 22-member cabinet has been subjected to intense scrutiny by the British press.

Sources Raise Possibility of «Israeli» Assassination of IAEA’s Amano

Informed sources have speculated that late chief of the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] Yukiya Amano was assassinated by the “Israeli” entity in collaboration with the US for refusing to give in to pressures to raise new fabricated allegations against Iran’s nuclear program.

US House Passes Resolution Condemning BDS Movement

The United States House of Representatives approved a resolution on Tuesday condemning the Global Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Movement [BDS], in a move Palestinian rights groups called "misguided".

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