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Does It Really Matter If Netanyahu Ends Up Behind Bars?

Benjamin Netanyahu's potential downfall and imprisonment will not change Israel's colonial policies.

Israeli torture of Palestinian children 'institutional'

Confessions by Palestinians who have been tortured are regularly accepted by Israeli judges, rights groups say.

Is accusing Hamas of terrorism a Saudi offering to Israel or political blindness?

Since the outbreak of the Gulf crisis, malicious media campaigns have emerged that attempted to accuse the Islamist resistance movement Hamas of terrorism.

Israel to occupy Africa

With the exception of the popular efforts made by the Conference for Palestinians Abroad to hinder the rabid Israeli efforts to hold a major conference next October entitled the Israeli-African Summit in Togo, we have barely seen any official or popular Arab efforts in this direction.

Why ‘Israel’ and Saudi Arabia Are United?

Once upon a time, the Saudi head-choppers and ‘Israeli' occupiers united into an alliance.


The new normal in Palestine

In June 2017, Palestinians marked 50 years of living under the world’s longest ongoing military occupation.


Israel's Lucrative Industry of Corruption

Bribery, fraud, breach of trust: Indictments against top Israeli politicians point to a culture where the government is up for sale.


‘The Palestine Exception’: War on BDS is now a war on American democracy

There is something immoral in Washington D.C., and its consequences can be dire for many people, particularly for the health of US democracy.


The Boycott, Divestment And Sanctions Movement Turns 12

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement turns 12. Here are 12 achievements they made in 2017.


It Was a Very Bad Week for the Netanyahu Family. It Just Got Catastrophically Worse

What was so far only implied has now become official: The prime minister is suspected of bribery ■ Netanyahu's former chief of staff Ari Harow kept evidence for a rainy day; his state's witness deal is a game changer.

Israel’s dirty trade in Africa

Israel is considered one of the most important countries that import rough diamonds, and the most prominent countries that export polished diamonds.

Hero of Israel

The latest hero of Israel killed two civilians: a physician, for no reason, and a teenager who threatened him with that doomsday weapon, the screwdriver.

Ilan Pappe, What's wrong with Israel? The Ten Main Myths of Zionism

Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, who lives in exile in Britain, deals in this book with the myths of Zionism and exposes them as legends consisting of half-truths and fabrications of history. 

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