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Netanyahu’s Existential Concern: The Survival Of ’Israel’ Is Doubtful

Ten years ago, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Zionist entity's current Prime Minister and then leader of the opposition acknowledged that the 2006 war brought back into question the issue of "Israel's" existence after the June 1967 war drowned it. At the time, Netanyahu saw that questioning "Israel's" survival no longer depended on its foes and friends alike. This topic was sidelined by the wars that engulfed the region - in Syria and Iraq in particular - as its governments battled the Takfiris and terrorist groups that had depleted the countries in the region and undermined their capabilities.

How Israel Takes Advantage of Yemen Crisis?

Yemen’s political and military leaders argue that the Israeli regime is directly engaged in Saudi-led Arab coalitions' aggression on the impoverished nation, with the Israeli navy ships and boats having massive presence in the Red Sea and pounding targets inside Yemen along with the Saudi warships.

What Behind Zealous Israeli Support for Kurdish Independence Referendum in Iraq?

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his last week visit of the Latin American countries and talks with the Argentina president supported establishment of an independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq, and said that Tel Aviv backed the aspirations of the Iraqi Kurds for statehood.

Bahrain king cozies up to Israel

The king of Bahrain denounced the Arab boycott of Israel and declared that citizens of his Gulf nation are now allowed to visit Israel, despite there being no formal diplomatic ties between the countries.

Twelve million reasons to boycott Israel

About 12 million Palestinians scattered all over the world constitute a reason for, not only boycotting Israel, but pushing it out of Palestine.

Israeli settlement, Occupying Palestine slowly

The Israeli settlements are built in the occupied Palestinian lands as part of strategy to Judaize various Palestinian regions and facilitate more land seizures.

Ethnic cleansing of the Rohingyas: Israel exports its war on indigenous people once again

Myanmar is not the first regime committing ethnic cleansing and genocide whose military has been armed by Israel. Its oppression of the Palestinians is a 'field test' for others to crush their own indigenous people.

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