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the Guardian View on Israel’s Democracy: Killing with Impunity, Lying Without Consequence?

The late Amos Oz was right to say ‘even unavoidable occupation is a corrupting occupation’. Israeli voters should heed his words.

What’s Keeping Arab Leaders from Official Thaw with Tel Aviv?

Diplomatic normalization with some Arab states has been a project pursued since the foundation of the Israeli regime in 1948. Over half a century of effort brought Tel Aviv no considerable success amid a desperate need for Tel Aviv to enter a thaw with the Arab world to gain its regional and international legitimacy.

«ISrael» IS «ISIS»

By Hussein Samawarchi.

Netanyahu Govt. Collapse Blow to Hardline Policies

Last week, Israeli regime's spokesman announced the plan to hold an early election in April next year. The news came after a meeting of the leaders of coalition parties who agreed to disband the parliament. 

Haaretz: Trump’s Economics Pose a Real Threat to Israel

Israel doesn’t need a U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, it needs a responsible leader in Washington, but now the Donald's substance is prevailing over his style, explained David Rosenberg, Haaretz contributor.

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