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Haaretz: ‘Israeli’ Attempts to Kick Iran Out of Syria Could Escalate Into War

In a recent analysis piece for the ‘Israeli' Haaretz newspaper, Amos Harel wrote:

The Challenge of Saudi-«Israeli» Intelligence-Sharing

Saudi-"Israeli" relations, especially between their intelligence services, started several years back under the direction of Bandar bin Sultan, a former Saudi ambassador to Washington and a former director of the Saudi national Security Council.

This Is Netanyahu's Dying Israel. Where the Doctor Is the Disease

The rabid incitement against president Rivlin was the worst since the eve of the Rabin murder. But the meaning of Netanyahu's grin was clear: This is not hate speech, it's simply evidence of a healthy democracy

Saudi Arabia is a Dream State for Israel: Haaretz

The "Israeli" entity has no better ally than Saudi Arabia. It fights Hezbollah and overthrew the Lebanese prime minister who had lived in peace with that organization for a year. There is no other country in the world, including the United States that acts with such resolve against Iran. Saudi Arabia even went to war in Yemen, not for the Yemenis, who as far as Riyadh is concerned could die of starvation, but to block Iran's influence.

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