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Israel approves budget for controversial ‘Apartheid road’ in West Bank

Israel has reportedly approved a budget for the construction of the so-called Eastern Ring Road in the occupied West Bank, known by activists and rights groups as the “Apartheid road.”

Saudi Arabia’s New Crown Prince is Good News for «Israel», US

New Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's appointment as Saudi Arabia's heir apparent was only a matter of time. The "boy," who will mark his 32nd birthday in August, had been leading the country de facto anyway. He already calls the shots on foreign policy. Many expect that in the not-too-distant future, King Salman, who is ill, will step down and hand the scepter to his son.

Trail of the Wolf

Many years ago, when the World War I reached the Arab States territory, a British Zionist politician wrote a letter including a proposition to both the British Cabinet and House of Commons of the United Kingdom.

Connecting the Dots: Israel Role in the Attack on Qatar

Though signals had emerged previously about Saudi-Israel relations becoming warmer and closer, the current standoff with Qatar has made it abundantly evident that the House of Saud is in bed with Israel’s rightwing regime.

The latest corruption scandal against Netanyahu could be the one that finally ousts him from power

The Netanyahus are no stranger to controversy over their lifestyle, who finances it and how they treat their employees.

Netanyahu scandals reflect corruption at the heart of Israeli society

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in danger of being brought down, possibly soon, over what initially appears to be little more than an imprudent taste for Cuban cigars and pink champagne.

Life beyond the wall: Israel neglecting Palestinian residents of Jerusalem

Occupied by Israel 50 years ago this week, residents of Kafr Aqab have found their Jerusalem ID doesn't qualify them for equal service provision.

Netanyahu’s new condition for those who are listening

In his latest remarks, made last Tuesday, two weeks after a series of remarks regarding Jerusalem, 50 years after its occupation, stressing that it will remain united under Israeli sovereignty.

50 Years On, «Israel» Keeps Tight Grip on Palestine Economy

Fouad Maraita wakes up at 3:30 a.m. His hometown of Salfit in the occupied West Bank lies in darkness. He drinks coffee, slings a bag with his lunch over his shoulder, gets on a minibus and starts the grueling journey to his job laying tiles at a construction site near Tel Aviv.

In challenge to Israeli occupation

Youths jump over apartheid wall to reach Jerusalem.

Israel to unveil 'multiple' settlement plans

Israel's top settlement construction committee is about to meet next week to advance "multiple" expansion projects in the occupied West Bank, a Tel Aviv-based newspaper says.

The Israeli Occupation Is Good for the Saudis

Whenever Arabs rise up against their corrupt rulers, they are reminded that Jerusalem is still under the boot of the Zionist occupier and that the first duty of every Arab is to liberate the holy city.

Study: Palestinians biggest losers from Trump's visit to the region

A Palestinian study said that the visit of US president Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia and the occupied Palestinian territories represents a break from the historic US position, especially the position of the former US president Barack Obama, on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

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