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Ibrahimi Mosque massacre

23 years have passed since the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre was committed when the extremist Israeli settler Baruch Goldstein murdered 29 Palestinians and injured 150 others.

Palestinian diaspora meets after seeing hopes dashed by US

Thousands of Palestinians have taken part in a conference to chart out the way ahead in the face of the new US government's renunciation of the "two-state" solution. 


Lebanese Southerners Protest Zionist Spy Devices on Border

Protesting the Zionist violation against Lebanon’s southern territories, residents of the border town of Mays al-Jabal Protest Zionist Spy Devices on Border.

Palestinian demonstrators threw shoes at Trump Pictures for his support to Israeli occupation

Protesters threw shoes at a banner depicting US President Donald Trump in Hebron today in protest of Trump’s stance against Palestinian rights.


Israeli Army Attacks 8th Annual Open Shuhada Street Protest, Injures Nonviolent Protestors

The Israeli military attacked the annual Open Shuhada Street protest of around 1,000 people, organized by Youth Against Settlements.

Omani Parliament Speaker: Palestine on Difficult Path

The chairman of Oman’s Majlis al-Shura highlighted the sufferings inflicted on the Palestinian people and said their rights are vehemently denied by the Zionist regime.


Top Palestinian Figure Confident about Israel’s Collapse

Ramadan Abdullah Shalah said the Palestinian people should get prepared for the collapse of the Zionist regime of Israel

We are with every group that is steadfast on the path of Resistance: Ayatollah Khamenei

If the Resistance had not brought the Zionist regime to its knees, we would now be witness to its transgressions against other regional countries – from Egypt to Jordan, from Iraq, the Persian Gulf region to other areas.

'Hezbollah might have game-changing naval missiles'

Western intelligence officials express 'grave concerns' that Hezbollah  was able to obtain P-800 Onyx supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles, the likes of which Israel has reportedly tried to prevent it from having.

Palestinians rally against Israel’s settlements, separation wall in West Bank

Dozens of Palestinians have staged protest rallies across the occupied West Bank, denouncing the construction of Israeli settlements and a separation wall.

Hezbollah leader urges Israel to dismantle Dimona nuclear reactor

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has warned against the threats posed to Lebanon by Israel, calling for the removal of the regime's Dimona nuclear reactor.

Lebanese President from Egypt: Hizbullah Weaponry Complements Army’s Action

Lebanon President, Michel Aoun, said in an interview with CBC Egypt that Hizbullah's weaponry was complementary to the army's action, and do not oppose it.

Yahya Sinwar Elected Hamas’ Gaza Chief

Palestinian resistance movement Hamas elected a member of its armed wing as its new Gaza head Monday, Hamas officials said.


Israeli ministers Approve Adhan Ban Bid

Israeli ministers have made a renewed attempt to ban the Muslim call to prayer being broadcast through mosque loudspeakers, Israeli media reported Sunday.

«Israel» Prepares for a Maritime Hizbullah Offensive

The "Israeli" Occupation forces [IOF] is preparing for a possible scenario where Hizbullah commandos breach the entity's northern border.

Hamas slams Washington’s remarks on Israel’s settlements

The Hamas Movement has denounced the US administration’s recent statement about Israel’s settlements

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