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Israeli official confirms: Bin Salman visited Tel Aviv last month

An Israeli official has reportedly confirmed that a Saudi prince who was widely reported to have visited Israel back in September was Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

For «Israel», Concern over Iran Leads to Better Ties with Arab States

The "Israeli" entity has been promoting the idea that its ties with Arab countries are improving, and some experts say there are signs that shared concerns over Iran are indeed nudging them closer.

Kuwait: Official receives a hero’s welcome after slamming Israel occupation

Kuwaiti ministers and MPs gathered at the Kuwaiti National Assembly on Wednesday to welcome Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim and his delegation upon their return from the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) conference which was held in Russia.

Syrian army finds Israeli-made weapons in IS hideouts

Weapons found in north-western Syria included Israeli artillery pieces.

Syria intercepts Israeli warplanes near Lebanese border: Army

The Syrian army says its air defense has responded to an Israeli aerial violation of the Arab country’s territory in the vicinity of the Lebanese border, hitting an intruding warplane and forcing the fighter jets to retreat.

Israeli TV Shows Footage Of ISIS Training Camp On Israel’s Border

“ISIS is camping out along Israel’s border, yet all we hear about is the supposed “Iranian threat” to Israel’s existence.”

Lieberman: «Israel’s» Next War Will Be Fought Against Hezbollah

"Israeli" War Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday that the next war will be fought on two fronts, with Hezbollah along the "Israeli" entity's northern border and Gaza in the south regardless of where the initial conflict begins or what causes it. 

Arab states conceal security cooperation with Israel

The Israeli newspaper Maariv has reported that there is security and military cooperation between Egypt, the UAE and other notorious countries in Asia, Africa and America.

UAE and Israel 'have history of secret arms deals', report says

Israeli businessman Metai Kokhafi was responsible for brokering arms deals with his Emirati counterparts.

Lebanese security forces bust Israeli spy cell south of Beirut

Lebanese security forces have arrested three people on charges of collecting sensitive information and passing it on to the Tel Aviv regime.

Seeing Syrian Govt. Winning War on Terror, Israeli Minister Urges US to Intervene

Israeli regime's minister foe war affairs confessed on Tuesday Syrian government was winning war against foreign-backed terrorist and militant groups, urging the US to intervene more actively.

Mossad chief: Iran ‘closer than ever before’ to Israel’s borders

At event honoring espionage service, top spy Yossi Cohen says agents conduct 'thousands of operations,' some deep in enemy countries.

Erdogan threatens halting relations with Israel amid Kurdish independence vote

Turkey’s president says the waving of Israeli flags at pro-independence rallies won’t save the Kurds from the sanctions Ankara will impose on them if necessary.

Five Factors Making Israeli Military Weak

The Israeli Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee has recently published a report on the Israeli military status in which it talked about the army’s lack of readiness for the potential wars in the future. The report blamed the Tel Aviv leaders and criticized them for letting the military forces to downgrade to such a weakness.

Saudis Cozying Up to Israeli Regime, Official Ties Imminent

The Saudi Foreign Minister has once again hinted at rapprochement between Arabs and Israel echoing remarks by the regime’s premier Benjamin Netanyahu.

Why Israel is only supporter of Kurdistan's independence?

By aligning with the Kurds, Israel gains eyes and ears in Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

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