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Iran Insists Us Stop Opposing Israeli Nuke Disarmament

Iran has announced a list of 15 demands for improving relations with the United States, including a U.S. return to the 2015 nuclear accord, in response to a similar list of demands made by Washington last month.

Syrians in Golan Heights to boycott municipal election by Israel

Syrian residents of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights will boycott the first municipal elections by Israel in the area.

’Israeli’ Spy Drone Crashes in SW Syria, ’Israel’ Confesses

An "Israeli" spy drone crashed in southwestern Syria as the Tel Aviv regime defies calls to end its bold violations of the airspace of the sovereign Arab country.

Al-Khalifa Official to Hebrew Media: Bahrain 1st Gulf State to Form Ties with ’Israel’

Sinking deep into normalization with the apartheid "Israeli" entity, Al-Khalifa regime in Bahrain are to announce establishing diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv.

Former Israeli spy chief: Iran’s energy sector, 'next 9/11 in cyber'

Former chief of an Israeli spy service unit has said that the first cyber target in any future conflict with Iran should be its energy infrastructure. 

Al-Assad: Premature To Talk of Hezbollah Withdrawal; US, French, Turks & “Israeli” Troops Occupying Forces

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad considered Wednesday that it is "premature" to talk about the possibility of Hezbollah's withdrawal from Syria.

Journalists Beaten, Cameras Destroyed: Palestinian Police Break Up anti-Abbas Protest in Ramallah

Dozens beaten and arrested, including foreign journalists, in breakup of demonstration against Abbas's economic sanctions on Gaza.

Assad Says Israel and US Preventing South Syria Settlement

Syrian president accuses US and Israel of pushing southern rebels to reject 'peaceful resolution'.


Bibi: ’Israel’s’ Ties with Arab States Improving ‘Beyond Imagination’!

Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu uncovered to a major Jewish gathering in occupied al-Quds on Sunday that the Zionist entity's relations with Arab nations were "improving beyond imagination" and claimed that "this will ultimately help achieve peace without Palestinians neighbors."

Senior Lebanese Officials Consult on Israeli Border Violation

Top Lebanese officials have held talks on how to counter Israeli regime's provocations along the country's borders.

Aid convoy arrives in blockaded Gaza via Egypt

The “Miles of Smiles 34” aid convoy arrived in the blockaded Gaza Strip on Tuesday via Egypt’s Rafah border crossing.

'Shame upon Shame': Iran Blasts Israeli Killing of Medic

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has condemned Israel's killing of a young Palestinian paramedic near the Gaza fence as another stain of shame for the regime.


Shamkhani: ’Israel’s’ ’Golden Days’ Over after Terrorists’ Defeat

Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said there is a link between the Zionist entity's stepped-up threats against Tehran and the defeat of Takfiri terrorists in Iraq and Syria, which has made Tel Aviv angry. 

'Netanyahu Ordered Us to Be Ready to Attack on Iran Within 15 Days'

Former Mossad head says that seven years ago, PM Netanyahu ordered preparations for an attack on Iran.

Israel in Panic over Losing Their ‘Dear’ ISIS & Al-Nusra Terrorists in Syria – Assad

Striking targets in Syria and threatening to assassinate the leader on the pretext of fighting Iranian influence is a sign that Israel is in “panic” after losing its “dear” terrorist assets, President Bashar Assad said.

Israel ‘Is Selling Nuclear Information’ to Saudi Arabia

Western security agencies believe that Israel is selling nuclear information to Saudi Arabia, Arabi21 has reported.

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