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«Israel» Freezes Controversial Settlement Law

An "Israeli" court had frozen implementation of a law legalizing dozens of "Israeli" settlements built on private Palestinian land, which the UN labelled a "thick red line."

Youngest girl in Israeli jail: My dream is to hold mama in my arms

“I have not seen my mother for the third consecutive month. My earnest desire is to have my mother hold me in her arms,” said the youngest Palestinian detainee in Israeli jails.

Israel jails 19-year old woman for refusing military service

19-year old woman has been jailed by the Israeli authorities for refusing to be conscripted into the Israel Defence Force.

Israel set to cancel credentials of Al Jazeera journalist in al-Quds

Tel Aviv is set to revoke the press credentials of an Al Jazeera journalist over his positions in favor of Palestinian resistance amid the regime’s efforts to close the office of Qatar’s pan-Arab broadcaster in the occupied territories.

Haifa Chemicals workers protest mass layoffs, as ammonia saga continues

On Thursday morning, workers burned tires and blocked the entrance to the southern factory, located in the Mishor Rotem Industrial Zone, just east of Dimona and south of Arad.

Israel: Soldiers not motivated to serve in combat

Fewer Israeli soldiers wish to participate in active combat roles, preferring positions closer to home or in cyber defence.

Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz detained in fraud probe

Israeli police have detained five suspects in a corruption probe relating to tens of millions of dollars allegedly paid to Guinean officials.

Israeli rabbis smuggling, selling Jewish babies in US: Report

A recent report has revealed that a network of Israeli rabbis has been actively involved in the underground baby trafficking trade and smuggling pregnant women from the occupied territories to the United States to sell their newborn babies there.

Israeli Universities Dip in World Academic Ranking

Haifa's Technion was Israel's only institution in the Top 100 as Jerusalem's Hebrew University falls from grace.

More Israelis Left Israel Than Moved Back in Six Year Record

16,700 left and 8,500 came back in 2015, in first year since 2009 that more Israelis exited than returned.

Israel: Netanyahu backs bill to declare war without government approval

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is promoting a bill that would allow him to declare war with the approval of the Security Cabinet only, without getting Knesset support.

Israeli hospital raid kills sick Palestinian

An Israeli raid on Al-Makassed hospital endangered the lives of patients and left one dead last month, a report by Israeli NGO B’Tselem has concluded.

Israel issues restraining order against striking workers of Dimona reactor

Israel has approved measures launching emergency regulations against striking employees at the Negev Nuclear facility in Dimona.


Israel is collapsing: Anti-Bibi protesters

Thousands of protesters gather in a northern Israeli city for a 38th consecutive week, united in their cause to protest against Prime Minister Netanyahu, whom they accuse of unforgivable corruption.

300 Israelis desert military service in occupied lands: Report

A report has revealed that hundreds of Israeli soldiers have abandoned their duties without permission, and are intent not to return in a show of disapproval of the military conscription policies of the Israeli regime.

Israel warns its troops of Hamas attempts to hack social media accounts

Israel has once again warned its troops of attempts by Hamas to hack their social media accounts to get “precise” security information, the Anadolu Agency reported.


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