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Ad Company Pulls Anonymous Attack Campaign Against Gantz, Funded by Likud

Taboola promoted negative articles on the closing of a company formerly chaired by Benny Gantz but later nixed the campaign claiming it does not publish political content.

UN Urges Israel to Lift Palestinian Movement Limits

The head of the UN urged Israel on Friday to remove restrictions on Palestinian freedom of movement, Anadolu Agency reports.

From Warsaw, Gulf Monarchies Run towards “Israel”: Iran is the Enemy!

With no stop, the monarchies of the Gulf run towards normalization with apartheid “Israel”. 

Next War on Gaza Must Be the Last, Former Israeli Minister Says

Former Israeli Minister for Military Affairs Avigdor Lieberman has repeated his aggressive rhetoric against the Gaza Strip, saying the next war on Palestinian resistance movements operating inside the besieged coastal enclave "must be the last."

Israel Injures 20 Palestinians Along Gaza Fence

At least 20 Palestinians have been injured by Israeli fire while protesting in the Gaza Strip to assert the right of displaced Palestinians to return to their land.

Israel Is Still Holding a Palestinian Lawmaker as Political Prisoner Indefinitely

Palestinian lawmaker Khalida Jarrar has been incarcerated in an Israeli jail without a trial for 20 months. Another period of ‘administrative detention’ will soon expire. Will she come home?

Israel Intensifying ‘Settlement Ring’ Around Jerusalem’s Old City, NGO Says

Israel is “intensifying” its settlement activity in and around Jerusalem’s Old City, according to NGO Ir Amim.

Israeli Military Arrests Unarmed Man Who Crossed Border From Lebanon

Incident follows another one in January in which the Lebanese army arrested a U.S. citizen who entered the country from Israel.

Israel Preparing Major New Attack on Gaza Strip

The Israeli military is preparing for a major new offensive in the besieged Gaza Strip.

Israel Attempts to Walk Back Netanyahu’s ‘War with Iran’ Gaffe

Israel attempts to walk back Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s shockingly overt comments about “war with Iran” on the sidelines of a US-organized Middle East “peace” conference.

Rouhani: Israel, US Root Causes of Terror in Mideast

President Hassan Rouhani has censured a recent deadly terrorist attack against Iranian security forces, describing the US and Israel as the “root causes of terror” in the Middle East region.

Watchdog Launches Probe Into Netanyahu's New Plane After Budget Quadruples

State Comptroller notes the decision to examine the project was made following 'several complaints that were filed' regarding it. Original budget was $48 million, estimates now place the plane at $275 million.

Sick Palestinian Teen Kept in Detention Because Israeli Official Failed to Write Report

A Civil Administration social worker says she didn't have time to write a detention report, as ordered by a military court, in a case that exemplifies discrimination between Palestinian and Israeli minors.

Palestinian Father and Son Abused by Israeli Soldiers: 'They Beat Us Up, Then Started Dancing'

'I didn't control myself. Only later did I come to my senses and stopped the incident because I realized what I had done': New testimonies by soldiers indicted for beating and abusing Palestinian detainees.

Gantz: Israel Settlement of ‘Strategic, Security and Spiritual’ Value

Electoral challenger Benny Gantz has praised Israel’s illegal settlements as of being of strategic, security and spiritual value.

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