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BREAKING: Ahed Tamimi Reaches Pleas Bargain, to Serve 8 Month Jail Term

Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi is to serve eight months in an Israeli jail after reaching a plea bargain, Israeli newspaper Haaretz has reported.


Ex-Mossad Chief Halevy: Israel Has Betrayed the Jewish People

Stringencies turn our backs on immigrants, former security head tells World Jewish Congress

Israelis Publish Hateful Posts Against Palestinians Every 71 Seconds

An advocacy firm looking at thousands of Israeli social media posts indicates that Israel isn't tough on "incitement" if it comes from Jewish residents.


Israel Moves to Outlaw Criticism of the Military

The primary target of the bill is Breaking the Silence, an organization of Israeli military veterans who speak out against the brutal nature of the occupation, and had become a major thorn for the government.


Did the Mossad Kill a Russian General for Peddling Deadly Nerve Agent to Syria?

Report suggests Israel was deeply concerned that Anatoly Kuntsevich, one of the men behind 'Novichok', was working with Damascus, and repeatedly warned Moscow, but to no avail

Israeli Children March in Solidarity with African Migrants in Tel Aviv

Hundreds of school children demonstrate support for African migrants who are set to be deported as part of a governmental plan in the coming weeks; 'The children and the youth don’t make decisions but if anyone can reach the hearts of the citizens, it is us.'

Dozens Protest Policy on African Migrants Outside Chief Justice’s Home

One of the ringleaders arrested as police try to keep the demonstrators a safe distance from the house of Esther Hayut


Hundreds of Israeli Forces Deployed in Iraq

Arab media reports disclosed presence of hundreds of covert Israeli troops in Iraq, saying that they are conducting special terrorist operations in the country.

Israeli governments have discussed deportation of Gaza residents

A new study has revealed that successive Israeli governments have discussed the possibilities of deporting the residents of the Gaza Strip, Quds Press reported on Friday.

'Barak Was Begging Me, I Sent Him to Hell': Former Prime Minister Olmert's Prison Memoir

The autobiography was written while Olmert was serving a prison term for fraud and bribery

How Israel Uses Archaeology to Entrench Occupation

Having managed to conquer the west of Jerusalem in 1948, Israel occupied the rest of the city less than two decades later in the 1967 war. Since then, it has been creating "realities on the ground" through annexation and settlements building to cement its claim over the entire city.


Samir Awad is Another Victim of Israel’s Biased Judicial System

16-year-old unarmed Samir was shot once in the knee, once in the head and then again in the back.

Israeli Regime Detained 1,500 Palestinians, Including 274 Minors, in 2 Months

 Israeli regime has detained over 1,500 Palestinians, including at least 274 children, during the months of January and February, according to Palestinian prisoners' rights group Addameer.

Israel’s Netanyahu has to step down if indicted over corruption charges: Minister

An Israeli minister says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will have to resign or face being dropped by members of his coalition if he is indicted over corruption charges.


Last Sunday, the largest joint military exercise between the United States and Israel began with little fanfare. The war game, dubbed “Operation Juniper Cobra,” has been a regular occurrence for years, though it has consistently grown in size and scope. Now, however, this year’s 12-day exercise brings a portent of conflict unlike those of its predecessors.

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