Year 24
Month 06
Day 07
Israel Monitoring
The Israeli regime has approved plans for the construction of 31 new settler units in the occupied West Bank in grave contravention of internatio
Deportation delayed for two days as Alqasem, barred from country and detained for past 10 days, considers requesting that Supreme Court hear her
Islamic Resistance News
Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has commented on the recent accusations by the Israeli prime minister of constructing a missile production and
A letter by Palestinian activist Ahed Tamimi has been published by Vogue magazine, in which the teenager “tells the story of her arrest and
Middle East News
'Violations that occur in the occupied territories, outside of the official borders of the state, are certainly of international concern,'
Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah stressed that today we are facing a president and an American administration who
World News
The Republican Jewish Coalition is hitting television airwaves in Central Virginia in a bid to derail a Democratic congressional candidate with a
'Israel has no right to police the political opinions of people across the world,' say Jewish and Palestinian activists being sued.
Analysis & Opinions
'Yiska' Shadmi, the highest IDF officer tried for the Kafr Qasem massacre, admitted before his death that his trial was staged to protect
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